In ancient Greece there was the word "Techne" which is often translated as art. From this word comes "technical" and America is now the root of words such as technical, technology, etc. The word comes from Latin art "ars", that literally means skill method or technique, combined with the beauty of the objects produced. The word artist already existed in the Middle Ages although its meaning is closer to what we now call "craftsman."

The Artist

Clayton Boyd
Clayton Boyd
Clayton Boyd has always been involved in some phase of the art since early teens until today. His first venture was to paint decorative plates which he exhibited in his mother's kitchen. In his junior high and senior high days, he was a member of the school choirs. Then things changed a little and he proceeded to plan for the future. His plans always included some phase of the artistic. He remained committed to performing arts, singing and leading choirs in churches in Fort Worth and Stockton, California where he served as Director of Christian Education. His move back to the Fort Worth area placed him in several positions as Publications Director for several local firms. Never was forgotten either branch of the arts, though. He became involved in visual arts through an Adult Program at Burleson High School and participation in several area choirs gave opportunity for both forms of artist venues. He and his wife Jackie performed with choirs which made trips to California, New York, London and Vienna. He also began again his love for visual arts, starting in 2001 and continuing until today to producing over 95 paintings. He likes paintings which use vibrant color and design, as evidenced by his body of work. The subjects of his paintings are as varied as his interests. Enjoy his creations as you view his efforts.

Pictures from Gallery

Clayton Boyd is the reporter for the Johnson County Art Guild in Cleburne, TX. Please connect by pressing the link to view their website Johnson County Art Guild. Many area artists display their works at this center.

Some examples of his art work follow. Pictures of his art work are displayed in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

Gallery Examples Gallery Examples Gallery Examples Gallery Examples
New Mexico Mountain
Sphinx Moth


Oil Painting
by Clayton


Clayton Easel

Petit Jean State Park

Clayton's inspiration for his painting of "Petit Jean State Park" came from a trip when he and his wife visited this state park in Arkansas.

This is Arkansas's first state park with windswept views, enchanting woodlands laced with streams and wildflowers, and a spectacular waterfall called Cedar Falls.

This park is a place where nature over time has formed sheer bluffs, Cedar Creek Canyon and the Seven Hollows, such distinctive features as Bear Cave, the Grotto and Natural Bridge, and whimsical formations called Turtle Rocks and Carpet Rocks.

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